* Two 60-minute sessions – Max 5-8 people – 3 Month Package*

The power of group coaching is phenomenal. You will benefit from the knowledge and expertise that years of coaching brings to the table in addition to the energy, support, and expertise of likeminded individuals who share common goals. The combination is powerful and will motivate and support you as you grow your personal and professional life!

If you are ready, join me in this empowering approach to reach higher levels of potential.

This is a great affordable package to experience the coaching process. Packages are offered because coaching is a process!


·         Two 60 minute *in person sessions per month tailored to the needs identified for the group.

o    Topic examples: career progression/transition, public speaking, networking, interviewing, resume building branding, sales, work/life balance, communication, leadership, goal setting, team building, change management, etc…

·         Forum and structure for sharing victories, accountabilities, ideas, and overcoming hurdles.

·         Connecting with people who care about your success.

·         Celebrate victories with others who have walked the walk.

·         Stay connected and get supported with like-minded people.

·         Maintain your commitment to creating and living your vision.

·         Deeper sense of community with others going through similar circumstances.

·         Between Session Assignments if applicable.

·         Written coaching session recaps to help integrate the coaching in your daily life.