Teleseminar – Interactive teleconference seminar to give, receive, and discuss information in real-time without the need to travel.

Subjects consist of:

  • Courage, Risks, and Rewards Coaching Program (5 Stages) – Taking Chances to Change Your Life
  • Financial Calm – Sailing Your Way Into a Sea of Prosperity
  • Finding Balance (75 minutes) – Reclaim Your Time and Live a More Fulfilling Life
  • Kaleidoscope of Choices (75 minutes) – Discovering How Your Thoughts and Choices COLOR Your Life
  • The Law of Attraction Café (75 minutes) – How to Get What You Desire in All Areas of Your Life
  • Lighting Your Fire (75 minutes) – Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life
  • Money Wellness (75 minutes) – Having a Healthy Perspective on Earning, Saving, and Spending Your Money
  • Motivation Magic (75 minutes) – Awakening in Others the Inspiration to Excel
  • Say it! Hear it! (75 minutes) – The Power of Effective Communication
  • What Matters Most (75 minutes) – Building a Fulfilling Life on the Foundation of Your Values
  • Visioning and Goal Setting (75 minutes) – Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading Toward it Today
  • *The Leader’s Journey (90 minutes) – Discovering Your Leadership Impact

Note: In person workshops for groups of 10 or more are available. Contact me for details.

Workshop – Interactive group discussion and activity on a particular subject.